Instructions for using a vacuum pump for penis enlargement

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

To get the most out of this invention, you need to study the risks and precautions, as well as understand the principle of the vacuum pump. This is exactly what we are going to do now.

What is a vacuum pump capable of?

Let's start with the misconceptions that create gaps in anatomical knowledge and feed enticing banner ads. No, a vacuum pump will not increase penis size noticeably and permanently. Forget the fabulous promises you get from dubious sellers on equally dubious websites.

Vacuum pumps have a beneficial effect on erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. Yes, it can become a little longer, but this is only a temporary effect. Pumps can also be used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In addition, studies show that the use of vacuum pumps is beneficial for men who have undergone prostate surgery or who are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer with radiation therapy.

What is the principle of work?

Blood fills the blood vessels, due to which the penis swells and - temporarily! - becomes bigger and stronger. Simple but effective. Please note that the effect obtained is only temporary.

Do not abuse the use of a vacuum pump. "I’ll leave it longer so that the effect is better! "- No no and one more time no. It doesn't work like that.

small and enlarged member with pomp on the example of bananas

Separately, it is worth mentioning erection rings. They are worn at the base of the penis and help to maintain an erection longer. You can buy them in almost any sex shop. They also should not be abused - always follow the instructions.

How safe is it?

Vacuum pumps are safe to use, but you still need to be careful. Too much air pressure can lead to hematoma formation. Talk to your doctor or stop using pumps if you have any blood disease, blood clots, or are taking blood-thinning medications.

If you're using a cock ring, make sure it's not too tight and don't leave it on your penis for too long. Numbness of the penis, bruises - not the whole list of problems that you will have to deal with when using the ring carelessly.

What pump to choose?

Stay away from products that promise fantastic results and penis enlargement. But on pumps with a limiter, pay attention. They are much safer to use and help control pressure to avoid injury.

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Most pumps come in one size fits all, but if your penis is tilted slightly to one side or the other, consider that when buying.

How to use?

  1. Put the flask on the penis.
  2. With the help of a pump (manual or electric), pump out the air from the flask, creating a vacuum.

As soon as an erection occurs, the pump can be put aside. On the base of an erect penis, put on an erection ring (if available and desired) - it will help maintain an erection for a longer period.

What else should be remembered?


Hair removal is optional. But will you like it if at the most crucial moment your hair catches on the ring? Such thrills are unlikely to be included in your plans.


The pumps work on the same principle, but it’s still worth spending a couple of minutes reading the instructions so that using the pump is as pleasant and safe as possible.

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Vacuum pumps and erection rings should be removed on time. Do not leave them for more than thirty minutes.


Stock up on lubricant. It doesn't matter what exactly you have planned - sex, masturbation or manual stimulation. Lubrication will make it easier to use the pump or ring and help to avoid discomfort and discomfort.


How long does the effect last?

Usually about half an hour, but everything is individual. Much depends on the degree of excitement.

How often can the vacuum pump be used?

It depends on the situation, on how you feel, and on how closely you follow the instructions. Many men who understand how this device works use it up to several times a day.

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Is it possible to somehow increase the size of the penis?

Without resorting to surgery? Is that the removal of hair in the intimate area - so the penis will visually appear larger. An easier and safer way to learn how to capitalize on the length, width, or shape of your penis is to experiment with different positions.

What should I do if my erection does not suit me very well?

Establish a sleep pattern, review your diet, give up alcohol and cigarettes. The ideal is to minimize stress levels. Also, spend more time on foreplay.